Everyone appreciates the beauty of a great looking landscape and garden. But not everyone wants to work on it or make it look that way. This is the reason we offer our administrations for those people who may love to have a magnificent landscape, but in any case, imagine that it will be troublesome. Also, we also serve those who already have a landscape or garden.

At Long Beach Landscaping, we assess your landscape, garden, yard, water or irrigation system, and other things related to such by conducting a site consultation. This way we can best inspect your area and give you our best recommendations.

We understand that conserving resources and helping the earth get green is extremely crucial. All of our services are connected to saving resources from nature like water and used materials, and from yourself like your well-deserved cash. Natural occurrences like extremely dry seasons, storms, and even wildfires can happen especially in South California. This is the motivation behind why our services are focused on such issues and other concerns while being sustainable, resourceful, and ecological.

Our services are: Native Plant Landscape Services Long Beach, Edible Foodscapes, Drought Tolerant Landscapes, Drip Irrigation and Drainage, Hardscaping, Permeable Patios and Walkways, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Greywater Recycling and Distribution, Permaculture Consultation and Training, and Composting.

We truly pride ourselves on the type of work that we do and the dedication we exemplify. We feel responsible for taking good care of the earth so we and the future generation will love it more. Read instructions to know more.