If your air conditioner seems to be running constantly, then you have to understand that it may potentially have a problem. You have to first understand how the air conditioning works before you can do anything about it.  

The first line of defense is, of course, prevention. You have to use the air conditioner right and follow best practices when using it. Some air conditioning systems are fine with working all the time. But for others, it means that it will eventually overheat if not repaired accordingly. It’s then important to know when you should call for Naples AC repair technicians and when you shouldn’t.  

How Does An Air Conditioning System Work? 

Air conditioning systems are normally made up of 3 components, such as the outdoor compressor, outdoor condenser coil, and the indoor evaporator coil. Air conditioners also use refrigerants to transfer heat from the inside to the outdoor condenser coil. The compressor compresses the refrigerant to trigger the chemical reaction necessary for it to do its job.   

Cooling a room or your entire home using an air conditioning system is a slow process. The results obtained depend on the area to be cooled.  When the air conditioning system is working, then it’s taking humidity and heat out of the room.  

How to Know if the Air Conditioner is Working Efficiently 

As the air conditioner cools the room, moisture is condensed out from the air and then discharged into the drain line. This happens because cold air can’t hold moisture in the same way as warm air. The idea is to cool your home slowly to remove moisture efficiently.  

If the air conditioner is working too fast, then it will cause what’s called the cave effect. The room will be very cool but also give it a damp feeling, more like you’re inside a wet cave. Worse, the moisture in the air will invite dust mites and mold to proliferate inside your home. That, in turn, would create a host of health issues for you and your family.  

Ideally, an air conditioning system that is working efficiently will cool your home up to two degrees lower ever hour. So on a very hot day, it would seem like it is working non-stop. That’s how you determine if your air conditioner is working as it should or if it is broken and an AC repair technician needs to take a look at it.  

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit   

To make sure that your air conditioning unit is working optimally, you have to know how it works and check on it regularly. You may also do some additional steps to help it in its task. The simple act of keeping the windows and doors of your home closed while the air conditioner is working is going to help a lot. 

If you have blinds installed, keep them closed as well to keep the sun’s rays from getting in. Try not to use your oven or stove, if possible, when the air conditioning system is working. Make sure that the thermostat is set at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.